Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Chasing Light

Last October my mother won a holiday to Goa. She seems to be pretty good at this business, it's about the seventh one we've won. So we drove up and as we did the rain came down. For the next week, the sky, the sea and the land were all water. It was a Goa that none of us had ever experienced but turned out incredible. Each footstep became an instant puddle and every shell a little cuddle :)


haathi said...

lovely pictures :D
the rains are about to come, and i cant wait!

come visit!

VC said...

Hi. Just came across this. Where is the river shot (1st shot) taken? Is this in Goa?

Great shots by the way. :)

Billo Rani said...

I hear the rains are there! Whatafun!
Thanks da VC, the river shot was taken in Majorda and the rest were in Benaulim (both in the South).