Friday, May 28, 2010


The water in Kashmir is magic, believed to have healing properties.

Jamaal Bhai, a man of the earth tending to his garden or it tending to him. "We're both growing in the rain" he said to me with his silent smile.

On a walk into the next valley, there will be more about this!

On the Dal :)

I've been avoiding this post because i had no idea where to begin. But the longer i took, the harder it got. So i figured i could start with just putting up some of the pictures.
About the photographs, there's only so much a camera can do when you're in the Himalayas. And i know that they're only going to be able to give one a glimmer of what is. But i hope this glimmer does for you what it does for me :)


nakedswaMi said...

ooooooo... such beauty to my eyes da ganjesh... killer fotus! keep them comming :).

haathi said...

dramatically beatiful pictures. il make do with these till i have the good fortune of going there myself :D

... said...

and you said you didn't take pictures! sly sly sly. :)

you are most talented! :)

Billo Rani said...

Thanks ya'll :)