Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mystic moonstruck

Earlier this month i got back from Kutch where i was journeying with the Kabir Project. Friends old and new. We traveled to the desert in search of sound and we found we found we found.
In this vast, barren land the words of mystic poets are woven into song. Sung by the most fertile hearts.
Together we discovered different forms and tongues that all expressed that one universal structure. With searing devotion they spoke one language. That of love.
Days turned to nights and skies to stars.
We listened to these voices, some hypnotic some bursting. To these crazed hearts seeking the beloved.
And the moon shone within our bodies.


hAAthi said...

im sorry if this probably makes you feel like im stalking you bahahahaha, but i love your pictures! theyre just so expressive.

keep em coming.

nakedswaMi said...

:D... awesomeposom! :)

Billo Rani said...

Oh man Reva, i can't thank you enough for all your support :) If this is stalking, then feel free! You're doing so is what keeps me blogging.