Saturday, June 12, 2010

Becoming mountains

The next day we decided that we had to go back and then further into the white. This time we were joined by a friend and the walk took us four hours till we stopped. When we did, we were at one of the worlds centers. Here the white snow softened into white clouds and there was no telling where one began and the other ended.
We huddled together and the boys lit themselves a spliff. We sat in complete awe. The kind that's demanded when you are in a place that is sacred. Then suddenly a strong wind picked up and the secret universe that we'd found turned darker, as though it was moving across a chess board. The clouds whirled and grew black. And then it began to snow.
Now i've only heard that it gets silent when it snows. That's just the beginning. It goes from silence to quiet and everything happens in slow motion, even breathing. To watch snow fall is otherworldly. We were blessed.
Then tearing ourselves away from this magical space we walked back as fast as we could. Because the elements are to be respected. We walked over ice and by the time we turned the corner the slow snow had become hard rain, we were no longer in the sky but on the ground and the white giants suddenly seemed like a dream. We smiled at each other because where we'd been was a dream, a real dream.


haathi said...

fantastic gayu! where is this.. so dream like..

nakedswaMi said...

take me to kashmir!! :(
fantastic shots gayu!

hAAthi said...

yeah. i think kashmir needs to be next on the list. en route to leh. wat say niyu?