Monday, July 26, 2010

Misses and Kisses :)

It rained.
We took a boat to Half-moon beach.
There were honey lemon pancakes.
And strong black rocks that made silent places for leaning.
It rained.
We swam.
And dreamed in the sand.
Pineapple juice ran down to our elbows.
We crossed fields.
It rained (through the roof even).
There were friends new and again.
We sang.
And climbed red red hills.
Two were lost.
Then found.
It rained.
All was love.


hAAthi said...


Indu said...

how cool are you! You are making me love rain! :-)

Pink Moon said...

Hello uber-cool! I just blog discoveredd you what fun :) it it tooo much awesome and gulaabisharaabi sounds yummy.hugs.

Billo Rani said...

My pleasure Indu!
The rain makes me happy, just spreading the joy :)

Hello Pinky i luffoo :D

Kaveri said...

Hi meow, I found you and rediscovered your writing and pictures at the same time.
I love your stark lights and little big words.

jenny said...

gayu, loved your pictures...some of them are simbbbly outstanding...keep at it!! jenny

Billo Rani said...

Thanks Jenny!