Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Story of the Sandstorm

Stroking the horizon, a Cloud was seduced by the Earth and it fell to the ground.
The lovers united and strode across the desert.
Born of this love was the Wind.
But after years of wandering over the surface of her beloved, the Cloud grew tired and missed the Sky.

The Earth protested and tried to hold her back.
The Wind grew frantic and pleaded and cried.
But out of this chaos she ascended to where she belonged.
Leaving behind only dust and silence.
From this torrid romance no lessons were learned.
Because since, other hearts have fallen and have been swept away by the wind.


hAAthi said...

ooohhhh outstandingly gorgeous..even for a sand storm!

noncomposmentis said...

Very surreal bob...the mating of sand and sky

nakedswaMi said...

ufffff... very fine very fine!!
mental that scene must have been to see in real no? deadly, smashing ( in dc's words) :)
supremely sending text also bob! :P