Saturday, June 11, 2011

Maximum City

I spent a month, earlier this year working as the in-house photographer at the blue Frog, Bombay. Needles to say that i had the time of my life. Single girl, in the city that never sleeps, working the night shift at the coolest club in town :) Also because the whole city smelled like fish and there were cats everywhere.
So i got a night of free gigs for a month, some not so hot, one metal O_o and most of the rest AMAZING. Made friends with the bouncers, a bar tender Santosh and Champa bai, the lady who's job it is to sit all night in the loo and help drunk women. Additionally i got the occasional free drink. Wee.


niyati. said...

:D..big city life! fantastic job youv gone with the metal gigs ganj! super!
in spite of all the madness you were stuck in.. heheh

hAAthi said...

gayu, these are awesome!
i love how the pics speak "made-the-most-of-this-opportunity"

This is that said...

I like your style, can see that you were having a blast, it is evident. The work itself edgy. Pretty much a dream job :) Keep posting. Cheers.

Billo Rani said...

Lot's more coming, slowly mowly. Don't want to get ahead of ourselves. Also it's just so goot to be back home, gawk at the sky and drink tea.

Rijul Bhatia said...

Twilight players....hmm, there is a cause to be jealous. Nice shots.

Shilo Shiv Suleman said...

love them! :) particularly the black and white's :)
and you too.