Saturday, June 25, 2011

Rakkar Reelaxation :)

Post Kashmir i spent a couple of weeks in this little village called Rakkar, half an hour out of Dharamsala. Apart from a couple of forays into bustling Mcleodganj for momo's i was vegan O_o This was an interesting and really pleasant change actually. I was staying with a sweet old Austrian doctor but she was travelling after my first couple of days there. So i was on my own in a beautiful Himachali home, that came with a little Shiv Mandir by the front door, a stream on either side of the house, a vegetable garden, solar cookers, two lovely strays Ega and Sundroo, Pratappo Ji the cook, a hammock, bright flowers painted on the walls around my bed, a cozy loft with a sun roof, and lots and lots of books.
I spent a lot of my time initially taking walks and bumming around the house. And then all my time at the nunnery which was a 15 minute walk away. More about this soon :)  

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